Dissent 101: The Place of Activism on Campus, With Robert Huish

Sunday, 8 March , 2015, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM (EDT)

Koffler House, MultiFaith Center
569 Spadina Ave.

Event Organizer: Matt Gordner <matt.gordner@mail.utoronto>

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Panel Summary:

Universities have been integral to organization, manifestation and dissent in society.  From Martin Luther to Martin Luther King Jr., from Montreal to Hong Kong to Egypt, powerful activist movements have been born on university campuses.  What role do professors and graduate students have in facilitating activism?  Is it coincidental that activism and dissent have a strong place on university campuses?  Is there a skill set, intellectually or practically, that gets moulded on campus?  Can educators incorporate activism into their research and teaching, or will this only “politicize” the classroom and detract from intellectual responsibilities?  Building on his own experience in teaching an experiential learning course on protest and dissent, Robert Huish discusses the importance of the university to progressive social activism, explores the ethical challenges that arise when lessons of the class go to the street, and advocates that academics have should work to bring more experiences activism into the heart of university education.

Panelist’s Bio:

Dr. Robert Huish is Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University in International Development Studies.  His research encompasses approaches to comprehensive development strategies through social activism, notably in the areas of health care access and sport equity.  He is the author of “Where No Doctor has Gone Before: Cuba’s place in the global health landscape” (Wilfrid Laurier University Press), and editor of “Globetrotting or Global Citizenship: practice, potential and perils of experiential learning in higher education” (University of Toronto Press).

Dr. Huish teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Global Health, Experiential Learning, and Activism and Development.  He was named one of Canada’s most innovative educators in the Globe and Mail’s Our Time to Lead series.

Register for the event at Eventbrite


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